Binbir Gece – 1001 Nights English



Sehrazat (Berguzar Korel) is a talented architect who works in a construction business enterprise owned through Onur (Halit Ergenc) and Kerem (Tardu Flordun). She loses her husband and is devastated another time when she learns that her fiveyear old son suffers from leukemia and wishes an urgent and really steeply-priced surgery. She reveals $50.000 by using her attempt however nevertheless wishes every other $150.000 to come up with the money for her son’s very expensive surgery, bone marrow transplantation. despite the fact that she is aware of that she is an unwanted bride, she desperately asks for her father-in-regulation but is rejected cruelly. As a ultimate danger, Sehrazat tries to acquire $one hundred fifty.000 in mortgage from her boss, Onur who’s secretly interested in her. Onur accepts to present her the cashat the circumstance that she spends one night time with him. This indecent offer, which turns the existence of Sehrazat upside down, becomes the beginning of the whole thing.
in this tale, you may discover a love tale which has a darkish night within the beyond. Will Sehrazat forget approximately her dark night time, the one night stand for cash compensation? Will the secret among Sehrazat and Onur be discovered? Will indecent provide coloration actual love for all time?


Berguzar Korel as Sehrazat
Halit Ergenc as Onur
Tardu Flordun as Kerem
Ceyda Duvenci as Bennu

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