Cesur Ve Guzel Will Say Goodbye To The Screen


The turkish series Cesur Ve Guzel is coming to an end. The series will end on june 22. Here it is the translation of the official news! One of the most talked series on social media is counting days for the final. It will be shown to the screen on june 22 if the great love of Cesur and Suhan will end in a happy ending. Tatlitug and Buyukustun after giving so much emotions to the screen give their thanks to the team. Tatlitug said that his most loved scene is the one from the first episode where he rescues Suhan. He said that the character of Cesur has been a new experience to him. He said he found some things at himself by playing the character of Cesur. And Buyukustun said that thay have done some good job and that she thanks Suhan for all of it. We will miss this series! For me it was a great series which i will always keep on top!

Cesur ve Güzel

(translated as “Brave and Beautiful”) is a Turkish television series produced by Ay Yapım and broadcast on Star TV (Turkey). It stars Tuba Büyüküstün as Sühan Korludağ and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Cesur Alemdaroğlu. The series aired on November 10 2016 in Turkey.


Cesur comes back to Korludağ, a small city outside of Istanbul, to take revenge from Tahsin Korludağ because of their family enmity. When Cesur finds out that Sühan is Tahsin Korludağ’s daughter, he decides to take over his enemy’s most weak spot. Cesur meets Suhan the day he comes to Korludag, and in a strange way. Suhan’s horse goes mad and starts running knowing no stop! While Cesur is driving calmly toward his new house, Suhan cuts his way, he sees that the horse has gone mad and falls after her, he shows his braveness and stops the horse from running to a cliff and saves Suhan’s life but he doesn’t like it when he learns that she is Tahsin Korluda’s daughter. Suhan otherwise seems to like this new handsome stranger but is also suspicious of him. She wont give up till she learns everything about him, the reason he is there and why he doesn’t like Tahsin Korluda. The passion between Cesur and Suhan will follow soon after. Cesur has come there to revenge his grandparents and his father who he knows that are killed by Tahsin Korluda, but Suhan came into his way, he will get distructed by her and will fall in love with her. Cesur will suffer a lot in this way to revenge, the most hard thing of all he will loose his mother, who will get killed by Tahsin Korluda’s enemy Riza. Till now the story has been pretty good and has been loved a lot, but the end is coming. We are waiting for the happy end. Hopefully it will end good!


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