Kucuk Sirlar – Little Secrets English



Su (Sinem Kobal) is a beautiful, sensible and sportive woman who belongs to a rich own family. She lives with her granny and is usually at the middle of interest. every student at faculty considers Su as a great girl and every boy desires to be her first boyfriend. Even her close friend Arzu (Ipek Karapinar) is jealous of her fulfillment and her best life.

Aysegul (Merve Bolugur), on the other hand, is a beautiful but bold female who desires to lower Su’s recognition. She lives together with her mom, step-father, and step-brother Cetin (Burak Ozcivit) whom she in no way receives in conjunction with thoroughly. She has a bothered existence and in no way refrains from doing incorrect matters so that you can win. And, she will become more aggressive and perilous whilst she realizes that her boyfriend Ali (Kadir Dogulu) has some feelings towards Su.

whilst Su discovers that her cute father has one-night time stand with young ladies and her brother has been the use ofcapsules, she realizes that she does now not have an ideal life. She attempts to recover from those family issues via herself due to the fact she knows that she has to maintain it as a mystery as a way to defend her own family popularity. all through that point, she receives a excellent assist from Demir (Birkan Sokullu) who’s a student at her college via scholarship and does now not belong to a wealthy circle of relatives. however, she is underrated amongst her classmates while her circle of relatives issues are revealed by means of Aysegul. Now, Su has to cope with the issues no longersimplest at her residence but additionally at her faculty. She just wants to have someone whom she will accept as true with: Ali who shows his interest without delay or Demir who is secretly in love along with her.

on this tale, you’ll watch the lives of the wealthy and privileged teenage characters in their high college years. Will Su manage to recover from her circle of relatives issues? Will Demir manipulate to reveal his proper feelings in the direction of Su? Will Aysegul turn out to be the maximum popular female on the faculty?


Sinem Kobal as Su
Merve Bolugur as Aysegul
Burak Ozcivit as Cetin
Birkan Sokullu as Demir
Kadir Dogulu as Ali
Ipek Karapinar as Arzu
Ecem Uzun as Meric
Mehmetcan Mincinozlu as Aslan Cem
Dilara Oztunc as Heves
Ebru Akel as Biricik
Gonca Vuslateri as Ceyla


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