Kuzey Guney – North South English



Kuzey (Kivanc Tatlitug) and Guney (Bugra Gulsoy) are two brothers who’ve opposite characters. Kuzey is rebellious, fearless, and impatient. He unearths himself in problem maximum of the time due to the fact he can’t control his anger. then again, Guney is hardworking, responsible, calm, and affected person. they’re so specific from each different much like north (which means that Kuzey in Turkish) and south (which means that Guney in Turkish). despite the fact that their characters are separated, these two brothers are closely certain to each different. a brand new page opens inside the brothers’ lives whilst Cemre (alright Karayel) actions to their community. Kuzey, Guney and Cemre emerge as close pals and spend most of their time collectively. Their fates come to an intersection when each Kuzey and Guney develop a deep love for Cemre. The day before the university entrance exam, Kuzey comes to a decision to expose his emotions. however, he’s devastated while he learns that Guney and Cemre are going out already. That night time, Kuzey is going out of doors and receives drunk on the way to neglect the whole lot. unaware of his brother’s emotions, Guney blames Kuzey for causing a hassle once more and wants to convey him away. but, on the way, he gets into a car accident and kills someone. This automobile accident turns everything the other way up. Kuzey confesses to his brother’s crime and finally ends up in jail at the same time as Guney is left alone in his regret of letting Kuzey confess to his crime.

After 4 years in prison, Kuzey regains his freedom once more. but, he knows now that he’ll not be able to regain the lifestyles he once had. He realizes that his only dream of turning into a soldier has been taken away from him. He additionally realizes that after the ones 4 years he is the only one which has lost everything. therefore, Kuzey blames his older brother, Guney, for taking the whole thing precise in his lifestyles away from him. He blames Guney for destroying his future, for buying their mother’s love, and for stealing the girl he loves. He wants to punish people who harm him and decides to take his revenge.

in this story, you will discover a tale of two brothers who’ve opposite characters. Will Kuzey neglect approximately his past and forgive all people in his lifestyles? Will Kuzey manage to get his life back on course? what will appear while Kuzey’s deep love for Cemre is found out?


Kivanc Tatlitug as Kuzey
Bugra Gulsoy as Guney
Oyku Karayel as Cemre
Bade Iscil as Banu
Riza Kocaoglu as Ali
Hazar Erguclu as Simay
Merve Bolugur as Zeynep
Serhat Teoman as
Gozde Cigaci as Demet


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