Top 10 Turkish Actors Of 2017


All of the Turkish actors listed below are loved from the fans all around the world. And they have achieved great success. The Turkish cinematography has took the hearts of too many people all around the world, and with some serials sold in more then 100 countries. And these actors have become very beloved to so many people that watch the beautiful and amazing turkish Series. This listing though is made from the votes of turkish fans, and it is according to the series played in 2017. But even why some actors have not played in any series in 2017 they still have their place in the top list because they are great actors and have given us great emotions with all their acting and will continue to do so with their new projects. We just hope that we see this faces on the TV as much as possible! Till some time ago the american shows would be loved worldwide. Well this will change soon it it continues in this way. Turkish Shows have been getting famous every day passing. Till 5 years ago the turkish series would broadcast in only 50 countries but now for the moment it is more than 142 countries. For first time this year the series Cesur Ve Guzel was sold in Spain, first turkish series to be sold in spain. And this is only getting wider, lots of more countries are expected to get the series and broadcast. And the actors make this possible. And the fans love the actors, especially the ones that are listed below. We will make a survey on our page soon to choose our best actors from fans worldwide, from international fans!

1. Baris Arduc
1. Baris Arduc
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5 Thoughts to “Top 10 Turkish Actors Of 2017”

  1. canadian enginist

    May be they are known in one or two countries but the only turkish actor who is known, loved and recognized worldwide ( 80 countries) is Engin Akyürek the best

  2. Then, the list shows preferences just in Turkey, not around the world.

  3. For the world rankings, those who are ahead are not so important and popular, but for the most part, Engin Akurek is always No. 1! Turkey should be proud of its talent, but not the appearance above the appointed elected ones!

  4. Tinàh

    Yep!! Not fair to not include Engin Akyurek because he has the biggest and best fan base ever not to mention most popular in most countries overseas. He is our Top Turkish actor.

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