Tuba Buyukustun got divorced!

Tuba Buyukustun and Onur Saylak, who married 6 years ago and feature dual infants from this marriage, couldn’t conquerthe disaster among them. There had been news that they had determined to divorce in remaining February. Büyüokayüstün and Saylak, had a court docket on June fifth.

The case at Marmara Ereğlisi circle of relatives court docket turned into concluded at the identical day. Couple, contractually divorced at one sitting.

Mehmet Coşkundeniz wrote about this divorce on Posta. In his article he wrote that;

tuba buyukustun is divorced
the whole lot starts offevolved with Tuba Büyüoküstün’s hair cut inside the summer season of 2015. ‘Haircut’ is the signal of the darkish clouds flying over the glad couple. furthermorethose hair; thanks to the shampoo ads, Tuba Büyüoküstün has won big money. Why does she give up from her hair that brings so much cash to her?

At that point, she said ”I went into a hairdresser in the big appleonce I went out, my hair have been quickand that i felt very comfy.” without a doubtsure, she absolutely says that she cuts off her hair for ‘removing some matters and lightening’. but what does she want to put offbefore long, the reality behind haircutting starts offevolved to emerge.

DATE 6 OCTOBER 2015: There were news reports on the reasons for the couple’s divorce.

Tuba Buyukustun at International Giuseppe Sciacca Awards


DATE NOVEMBER 8, 2015: Tuba Büyüküstün receives the ‘best Actress’ award at the ‘international Giuseppe Sciacca Awards’ rite in the Vatican. The get dressed she wears is black, everyday, sloppy. Her hair is the identicalwhilst we look atthe way the hair cuts, we see that it has no longer been plenty interest. So it’s now not like an photograph changewhen Isee Tuba’s dress I said that suddenly reduce hair, black clothes may be a signal of a depression. I do now not recognize an awful lot approximately marriage. perhaps the repute that she lived has begun to come back closely.

DATE 2 FEBRUARY 2017: Tuba Büyüokayüstün and Onur Saylak are making a joint declaration. The announcement: “The news made without appreciate for the privateness of our circle of relatives life is lie and slander, and the vital prisonmovement has been taken in relation to this unfounded information go with the flowwe’re uncomfortable and sad to keep the general public on this manner.”

DATE 2 MARCH 2017: Claims are being made that the couple are separating their homes. Tuba Büyüküstün tells journaliststhat those allegations are not real.

DATE 6 APRIL 2017: Onur Saylak turned into visible coming into a inn in Besiktas within the morning hours. It seems that he become staying in that resort.

DATE 1 JUNE 2017: Onur Saylak is reporting on his debut characteristic film ‘DOWN’ as director. The movie’s leadingactress is  Tuba Büyüokayüstün.

DATE five JUNE 2017: Tuba Büyüoküstün and Onur Saylak stop their marriage, which they began with a silent marriage in Paris, quietly on August 28, 2011. The court docket is seen in the Tekirdag own family court docket to hold it non-public. In reality, they by no means got here again together when the movie turned into filmed. They simply achieved their responsibilities professionally within the film.”

They have been chosen as “the most fashionable divorced couple” by means of magazines in the newspaper Hürriyet. Onur Baştürk stated that ”in realityboth have had separate lives in recent timesi was seeing Tuba Büyüokayüstün in the night time existence. She became always putting out with her buddies. She had no husband subsequent to her. I mean, their mind were already separated.”

Source: http://www.hurriyet.com.tr
Source: http://www.medyafaresi.com

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